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Welcome to Moriens Lux

How does one obsessed with aesthetic perfection capture their chaos into a single project? An exhibition of harmonious disarray, of conflicting states of being forming one whole, marketable product? I don't know if I've succeeded, but I've given it my all.

In these pages you'll find galleries about life, death, existence and destiny. I've taken the liberty to redefine destiny as imagination, because if not for it, how would destiny come to be? It's not what Alain de Lille had in mind when he wrote Omnis Mundi Creatura, his beautiful hymn to the fatality of existence, but then again, they didn't have stories about alien beings redefining life & death back then.

Naming things does not come naturally to me, and neither did the title of this project. I've always known it had to be something about light and dark, about what makes a photograph, but also about what drives my creativity. Moriens was chosen because of my affinity to the Latin route mor- and Lux because you can't have photography without light. It was an incredible coincidence that when the words fell into place, what they translated to was 'Dying Light', an unintended homage to a story that's very dear to me.

While you travel through these pages, perhaps let Jean Mouton join you. Another happy coincidence.

Marian M A Hilditch

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