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Arctic Circle

Earlier in December I embarked on a brief adventure to the Arctic, just as polar night was setting in. First stop was Narvik in Norway for a day, then a train ride across to Kiruna in Sweden for two nights at the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi.

I took my Nikon D7200 along with the Sigma 30mm 1.4 and my new Huawei P20. I decided to risk it and mostly shot with the P20, primarily due to the wider lens, but also sheer convenience. The P20 has a 'Pro' mode that can shoot raw alongside jpg, literally taking two different pictures. Sometimes you end up with just the raw (presumably if you move away too soon). The P20 also gives a choice of megapixels and resolutions. While the max is 20M at 4:3, there is a very seductive 8M at 18:9. Reader, I was weak. I was distracted by the cinematic composition, which I could have easily recreated in post. Plus the raw is always 4:3 so, ah, pure folly.

Even at 8M the P20 did an incredible job. Had I shot at 20M I think the results would have been on par with the Nikon under good lighting conditions. But of course a DSLR is a powerful thing and all that glass is not for nothing. Plus, sometimes, you just need that bokeh.

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